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Dead Talks is the best thing to happen to podcasting and the world since my atomic bomb.
— Albert Einstein


Long ago in a distant land some people were born. Those people had kids, who grew up and had kids of there own.  Across the world, at one point, four couples all decided it was a good idea to reproduce. That's how the four of us came to be. When we were teenagers a weird group of old men took us back into an alleyway and I'm pretty sure they intended to sexually assault us but we all ran away, only Dylan got left behind, he said we missed out. A few years later we bought a book off eBay and it had special powers. We learned how to communicate, and physically bring the dead back to life. All four of us are pretty lazy, so its great this happened. We would rather exploit the dead for wealth than have to get real day jobs.


the creators

Logan Culp
Co-Creator, Writer, Producer, Lead engineer

Cody Smith
 Co-Creator, Artistic Director, Writer, Producer, Assistant to lead engineer